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Children are our future
We are helping Polish Children in:
We transfer funds directly to these institutions in the Republic of Poland to fund medical supplies, special projects, and to subsidize operating expenses and capital expenditures.
11th Annual Holiday Fair - in pictures
Thank you for providing Polish, orphaned and in foster care, children and youth, with an opportunity for a more successful future.
December 09, 2018        13th Annual Holiday Fair - in pictures

                                                                             THANK YOU

“POLISH CHILDREN’S RAINBOW FUND OF CALIFORNIA” would like to express its sincere gratitude to all Friends and supporters for generous donations during 15th Annual Opportunity Drawing fundraising event. 

Following, are the results of virtual opportunity drawing, on December 6, 2020:

1st prize ($400 funded by POLAM): Mr. John Owzarek. Mr. Owzarek generously returned it back to Rainbow Fund. We are forever grateful to you and your continued support! 
2nd prize ($200 funded by Polish Children’s Rainbow Fund): Mr. Gary Yeung. 
Mr. Yeung graciously donated it back to Rainbow Fund. Thank you very much!
3rd prize ($150 gift certificate funded by Solidarity Restaurant): Mr. Gary Yeung. 
4th prize ($50 gift certificate to Bazar European Market): Mr. John Owzarek.

We are hoping for much brighter 2021 and return of our Annual Holiday Fair at Szarotka’s Retirement Home in Los Angeles.

Please stay strong and safe.

Together for Polish Children’s Rainbow Fund, 
Anna Olekszyk, President