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Polish Children's Rainbow Fund of California
Children are our future
The greatness of the person is measured not by who he is or what he does but by what he shares with others, less fortunate.                                                                             John Paul II

Somewhere out there is a unique place for you to help others.
                                                                             Thomas Kinkade

Established in 1998,Polish Children's Rainbow Fund is the leading charitable and humanitarian organization in Southern California providing relief to Poland.
Our mission is to improve the health and protect the welfare of orphaned and neglected children in Poland. 

We are helping Polish Children in:
We transfer funds directly to these institutions in the Republic of Poland to fund medical supplies, special projects, and to subsidize operating expenses and capital expenditures.

December, 2018
On December 09, 2018 Polish Children's Rainbow Fund had another fundraising event- 13th Annual Holiday Fair.  During this event Rainbow Fund raised over $5,000. We were very grateful for an on-going support of our cause, thankful for generosity of our Sponsors and donors.This year we were supported by four Sponsors:
1.POLAM Federal Credit Union,
 2.Polish American Congress, 
3.Solidarity Restaurant 
 4. European Deli and Bakery.

They provided six  generous prizes. We are pleased to announce the six winners:
 1. Beata Durhovic won $400 funded by POLAM.
 2. Halina Reda  won $200 funded by PAC.
 3. Teresa Kumor won a $150 gift certificate donated by Solidarity Restaurant.
 4. Carolina Wertepny won a $75 gift certificate  donated by European Deli and     Bakery.
 5. Theresa Weber  won a $50 gift certificate  donated by European Deli and Bakery.
 6. Kathleen Pham  won a $25 gift Certificate  donated by European Deli and Bakery.
To mark the 20th Anniversary of our operation we had special attractions and commemorative concert. We were very thankful to Phil Alvarez and the band for the concert, which made this event special and memorable

11th Annual Holiday Fair - in pictures
Helping Polish Children in Need
December 09, 2018        13th Annual Holiday Fair - in pictures